Book Cover? What do you think?

Now that my novel is complete and I am just waiting for the final editing, I thought I would create a cover. It actually came by accident, or was it ? I have been archiving my photography and came across some 35 mm black and white negatives that I had taken in the 1980s in. NYC. I had never printed them and only had a contact sheet.

This was the image I found taken sometime in the 1980s.

I was blown away when I saw this image. It is a street in SoHo in Manhattan called Cleveland Place. Although my novel is call Cleveland, most of the story takes place in Manhattan in the 1980’s. It is stuff like this that makes me think sometimes the script is already written. Any way, it was the perfect image and tells the story of when and where my novel takes place. The One Way sign; the telephone booth and the lamp post symbols depicting Sam’s life in. the. Big Apple.

But, what do you think? I mean I am too close to the story to be totally objective and I suppose you think, you should read the book first…Ok, Ok I will give you. that but just on a visceral level, knowing what you know : What Do You Think? Let me know…

Thanks for subscribing and share it with the world….Here is the cover I came up with :

Let me know what you think of this cover…